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MPMC is integrated into the 2025 Smart Manufacturing Strategy Express with its brand strength

December 20, 2018
On December 4-6, 2018, MPMC participated in the POWER-GEN 2018 with LED mobile lighting tower and aluminum-magnesium alloy generator set.
Facing Sino-US trade war, MPMC is aimed at the national strategic planning development route, bravely forward, with excellent product quality and brand strength becoming international.
On December 12, MPMC Chairman Jianfeng Du participated in the 2018 China Genset Industry Year-end Conference, addressing the impact of international trade friction on the foreign trade of gensets, and forecasting the development trend of the generator set industry in the next three years.
When talking about the “Sino-US trade war” at the conference, Du said that “China and the United States have been highly integrated. At present, they are only racing against time. In the short term, the Sino-US trade friction impact to Chinese generator set foreign trade is not very obvious. Under the environment of complex international trade, enterprises enhance their core competitiveness, quality is the foundation, and efficiency is the key.”

MPMC has worked hard for ten years and brought surprises to the industry and partners. Under the trend of global economic integration and mutual integration, MPMC demonstrated the charm of “China’s wisdom” to the world, and will help achieve the grand strategic goal that Chinese 2025 Smart Manufacturing!



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