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Exhibition Report > MEE 2019 | MPMC’s First Exhibition, Leading the Trend

March 14, 2019

New opening of New year

As the model of the generator set industry, MPMC adheres to innovation as the core. From March 5th to 7th, 2019, the five core products were seamlessly connected to Middle East Electricity 2019, which created an investment feast for agents looking for business opportunities. MEE 2019 also became the first exhibition that MPMC breaks the border and gather energy.

MPMC is steadily advancing professionally and innovatively at each exhibition.

Five core products were exhibited at the site: Through open/silent interchangeable generator sets, super silent generator sets, mobile lighting tower, hybrid energy power station, new energy solar light tower. Business visitors can inspect and experience zero-distance MPMC’s Diversified product strength, which also helps our customers develop and transform.

The audience sees the scale, and MPMC sees responsibility and mission – Global expert of mobile hybrid energy solutions with worldwide service. MPMC people are committed to providing customers with more timely, more reliable, smarter and more personalized solutions.

Under the leadership of Mr. Du Jianfeng that Chairman of MPMC POWERTECH CORP., the teammates warmly received every audience, patiently introduced the company, explained the products carefully, fully talked with the merchants, launched a collision of ideas, discussed the future and innovation direction of generator set industry.

MPMC was under the three-day super flow entrance, and the booth scene was extremely hot. With the development of MPMC in the generator set and mobile lighting tower industry, it also rationally utilizes leading resources to continuously expand the new energy market, ushered in new models, new formats, new technologies and new selling points. MPMC is committed to establishing a benchmark for generator set industry and a brand for investment agents. Expecting many industry elites to join in MPMC.



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