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Light Towers - MPMC

MPMC Light Tower
MPMC has been focusing on the manufacture of the light towers since 2011.
Through seven years of efforts, the type,
performance, specifications,
quality, the application of raw materials,
equipment and inspection methods of the light tower have been standardized.

Metal Halide/ LED Lamp

For a brighter, warmer, and safer life!

High-density integrated design eliminates the purchase and installation of multiple accessories, simplifies product transportation and installation, and reduces secondary cost.


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MPMC light towers include manual type,
hydraulic type and solar-type light tower.
The types of lamps include metal halide lamps and LED lamps.
The engine of light tower is Japan Kubota or UK Perkins.
It owns the features of high-end configuration,
standardized design, and support for personalized modification.
Superior product performance meets international standards.

Manual Type Light Tower

MPMC Mobile Lighting Lighthouse

Manual type MPMC mobile light tower has the following features: Manual winches for extending and retracting light poles. Four stages mast up to 9m. Mast 360° rotation. Heavy-duty design. Top lifting hole and bottom forklift. Separate lockable access door Leakage protection device(RCD) Big access door makes it easy for maintenance. Low-noise and can achieve 63dB(A) at 7m away. Meets road traffic safety standards, driving speed ≤ 25km/h. Engine Meets EPA Tier4 Emission Standard.

Hydraulic Type

MPMC Mobile Light Tower

Except for the features of a manual type mobile lighting tower, the hydraulic type light tower also has the following features: Meet EPA Tier4 emission standards Equipped with leakage protection system (RCD) Equipped with brakes and parking brakes, brake tail lights and Turn lights Masts can rotate 360 degrees Powerful hydraulic lifting system, the mast can up to 9 meters 4 hydraulic support legs, can guide the support wheel AL-KO road trailer chassis, in line with road traffic safety standards, maximum travel speed ≥65km/h.

Hybrid Energy

MPMC Mobile Lighting Tower

Except for the characteristics of hydraulic mobile lighting tower, MPMC Hybrid Energy Mobile Lighting Tower has the characteristics of energy-saving and environmental protection, zero noise, clean and pollution-free. In addition, it also supplies green, non-emitting renewable energy, thus avoiding the inherent disadvantages of diesel lighting system.

The maximum solar power is 3*100W, and it can work continuously for 14 hours after being fully charged. It has a powerful function design, can load a variety of electrical equipment, and the photocell sensor is automatically turned on and off. The structure is strong and suitable for special conditions, construction sites, and other application areas.

Solar Photovoltaic

MPMC Mobile Lighting Tower

Except for the characteristics of hybrid energy mobile lighting towers, the biggest advantage of MPMC Solar photovoltaic lighting tower is solar renewable and efficient LED lighting and equipped with a cost-effective 4×100W LED lamp.

Equipped with bottom forklift hole which makes it convenient for transportation.it is an ideal source of illumination for engineering infrastructure, emergency rescue, and other fields. LED lighting is brighter and more energy-efficient than general lighting. Solar series Mobile Lighting Tower effectively avoids carbon emissions and noise problems of diesel lighting towers.



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